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Joe Biden presented a proposal that would eliminate magazines that hold multiple bullets.  Biden claims that this is a not a violation of the 2nd Amendment and it does not make sense to allow magazines that can carry “multiple bullets”.  Biden’s Secret Service detail carried weapons that would follow into this category.  Biden also claims that allowing these types of gun parts is only do appease the interests of weapons manufacturers and the NRA.


2nd Amendment rights are a hot topic in American culture and these rights have never been more important.  Limiting the amount of bullets allowed to be carried on a given firearm to one would drastically decrease the ability for an American to protect themselves from an assailant.  Biden’s security detail carried bullets that were loaded with multiple bullets for this vary reason.  It is possible that more than one bullet could be needed to effectively protect yourself and loved ones from an attack.


The United States is full of responsible gun owners that own and maintain weapons to protect themselves.  If those trained and tasked with protecting our leaders are expected to get the job done with more than one bullet, then civilians should be afforded the same freedom.  If gun magazines were limited to one bullet maximums, then it would be nearly impossible to maintain this security.  In the event that a fired bullet was to miss under this regulation, then an attacker would know they are able to attack a now unarmed civilian.  This proposal not only limits firearms, but gives more freedom to those who wish to inflict harm on American citizens


The NRA released the following tweet in response to this proposal by the Presidential candidate.


Joe wants to ban “magazines that can hold multiple bullets in them,” and said that doing so is “no violation of #2A.” He knows NOTHING about firearms or 2A. In June, he claimed to have gotten “the number of clips in a gun banned” Joe is an embarrassment.


The NRA is dedicated to protecting the rights of Americans to defend themselves and their families.  Biden knows absolutely nothing about gun ownership and the rights of Americans.  Sign up to protect our American Rights and Values from People like Biden!