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The Joe Biden led economy has seen massive inflation across all industries, but household goods such as furniture and appliances have increased at a significantly high rate.

The average price of household furniture is up over 1.2 percent in the month of July, which is the highest increase since 1980.  This increase is also 10 times the average increase over that same time span.  This is showing that the cost to maintain and furnish a home in America is not keeping up with wage growth for US citizens.  


The Biden led economy has also seen massive spikes in gasoline production and food.  These are essential items to Americans and they are becoming more difficult for families to maintain their households.  Joe Biden has continued to blame former President Trump for these increases nearly 7 months into his tenure in office.  


Democrats continue to use former President Trump as a scapegoat for Joe Biden’s shortcomings.  The United States is in a weaker position on all fronts since Joe Biden took office.  This includes the recent resurgence of the COVID-19 vaccine despite Biden’s best efforts to force vaccines on Americans.


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