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55% of all Americans rate Joe Biden’s economic performance as “poor” which is lower than Donald Trump and Barack Obama polled at any time throughout their administrations.  ​

The American public is tired of poor economic performance with massive spikes in inflation and the cost of living.  This has caused Americans to pay more for essential services like gas, groceries and healthcare.  US citizens are expressing their distrust in Joe Biden to effectively lead the country to prosperity.  


In addition, only 32% of Americans believe that Joe Biden is doing a fair or better job at running the economy.  Joe Biden has also polled poorly in general approval ratings and national security handling.  The White House is seen as weak in the United States and across the globe.  


Overall, Joe Biden is only touting an approval rating of 26% amongst all Americans.  This also bleeds into minority groups and other bases of voters that liberals have banked on for decades.  Biden has been using past events throughout the Trump administration and the establishment media in order to stay afloat. 

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