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Alejandro Mayorkas; Biden Cuban refugees

After allowing thousands of migrants to flood the southern U.S. border, the Biden administration will now turn away any Cuban refugees.

Biden Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said this week that any Cuban refugees attempting to cross the sea to the U.S. will not be allowed into the country.

Mayorkas, who is Cuban, added that the Biden administration stands “in solidarity with the Cuban people and their call for freedom from the repression and economic suffering that the Cuban’s authoritarian regime is causing.”

The Daily Wire reported that the communist Cuban government has responded to the protests by cutting off internet in certain areas to stop protests from spreading and to prevent the rest of the world from witnessing the uprising.

The Biden administration has allowed—and even encouraged—migrants to enter the southern U.S., causing the current border crisis. But now, ironically, they are asking Cubans to stay out of the country. Coincidentally, a recent Pew Research Center poll revealed that “most Cuban Americans identify as Republican.”

After their lukewarm response to the protests against the communist Cuban regime, it’s obvious that Democrats are failing to lead our nation effectively. Americans should be quick to stand with the Cuban people and reject Marxism.

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