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President Joe Biden forgot his mask at the podium on Wednesday, prompting laughs from the crowd.

Although Joe Biden signed an executive order requiring masks to be worn on federal property, he repeatedly forgets to wear his own mask.  Joe Biden stretched his authority by forcing Americans to wear masks across the country and he has received major backlash for his mask mandate.  He has shown both his forgetfulness and negligence by being seen many times forgetting to put on his own mask.  


During a Wednesday event, Biden took his mask off to speak, and forgot to put it back on as he left the podium.  He retrieved his mask and walked out of the room without putting it back on.  Everyone else in the room was required by his executive order to wear their masks, showing that Biden thinks he is above his own law.  


As vaccines are being distributed across the country, there is a greater push to reopen the United States economy.  This would include the removal of state and federal mandates and allowing people to congregate again.  Biden’s stimulus package spent $1.9 trillion dollars out of the federal budget, and there is no end in sight to the end of his COVID-19 mandates. 

Joe Biden is a hypocritical leader, Donate to Americans United for Values if you agree!

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