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Joe Biden with his fist raised; executive order

President Biden has signed a ludicrous 52 executive orders less than three weeks since taking office.

To date, Joe Biden has signed a total of 52 executive orders, including an unprecedented 42 orders within the first few days of taking office.

So far in February, Biden has signed nine executive orders, bypassing Congress and forcing even more unwarranted rules on millions of Americans.

“These included executive orders which looked to expand socialized medicine, provide taxpayer funding for foreign abortions, destroy American energy jobs, rejoin meaningless and counterproductive international agreements and organizations, further the promotion of ahistorical mischaracterizations of the United States, and to call for transgender rights in school sports — to name a few,” The Daily Wire reported.

Ironically, Biden in October claimed that ruling by executive order is dictatorial.

President Biden’s slew of executives orders not only trample on the U.S. presidency but also on the 74 million voters who voted against him in the last election. His hypocrisy has made it clear that he doesn’t really care about “unity,” but about stamping out everything Trump accomplished.

What Biden wants is not what America wants, and we cannot let him get away with forcing new legislation without due process. Two years from now, we must vote for conservative leaders to take back the Senate and keep Biden and his leftist agenda from treading on Americans.

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