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The Biden led Education Department appointed a new National School Boards Association (NSBA) president Viola Garcia just after she signed a letter asking the president to target parents as “domestic terrorists.”

Viola Garcia is an extreme left wing figure that is pushing liberal education agendas, COVID-19 mandates and other requirements for America’s youth.  Her appointment to NSBA president comes just two days after she signed a letter calling for the Biden administration to pursue patriot act offenses against parents that disagree with critical race theory and coronavirus policies.  


The Biden administration’s decision to appoint Garcia clearly shows that the Biden administration is committed to defending critical race theory in schools.  In addition to this, many other liberal ideals are being pushed onto the required curriculum.  Additionally, it helps give validation to the radical liberal agenda.  


Biden and others supporting critical race theory in schools threaten the education and development of the youth. They will continue to call millions of concerned parents domestic terrorists for disagreeing with radical teaching in schools.  


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