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joe biden standing at a podium; U.S. Attorneys

The Biden administration is apparently requesting the resignation of 56 U.S. attorneys appointed by Trump.

President Biden’s administration will reportedly start removing U.S. attorneys this week that were confirmed by the Senate during the Trump administration.

The resignation request is expected to apply to a total of 56 U.S. attorneys appointed by Trump.

CNN reported: “Justice officials have scheduled a call with U.S. attorneys around the country to discuss a transition that is expected to take weeks. The Justice official didn’t say when the resignations would take effect.”

On Monday, acting Attorney General Monty Wilkinson apparently asked Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss to remain in his role. Weiss is currently overseeing a criminal investigation into the business dealings of Hunter Biden.

CNN also reported that Wilkinson will not interfere with Special Counsel John Durham’s criminal investigation into the origin of the Trump-Russia probe. But, he is still expected to resign from his role as U.S. attorney for Connecticut.

For the past few weeks, Biden has made it his goal to undo and tear down everything Donald Trump accomplished during his presidency. Over the past few years, Democrats have made it obvious that they want total power over conservatives. And this is apparently what they do when they get it.

Americans have to support conservative leadership and conservative voices, or Biden will continue to stifle every little bit of right-wing influence over the next four years.

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