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The White House administration has been subjected to extremely negative economic news throughout the entirety of Biden’s first term and they are asking establishment media to change their reports.  

Joe Biden massively benefitted from far left media outlets throughout the campaign cycle as news outlets like CNN did not print any negative news out of the Biden campaign.  The White House is looking to rehash these connections in order to post positive news about the current state of the United States economy.  


The Biden administration has seen immense failures in the economic sector.  With inflation and labor market shortages that have both set record numbers.  The economic downturn has also led to huge consumer prices as the holiday season approaches.  


Biden wants to keep news outlets like CNN in the pocket of the Democrat Party in order to cover up his own incompetence.  This overreach leads to questions about if the administration is attacking free speech.  Criticism of the quality of work being completed by the President of the United States is essential to the fabric of American society. 


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