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The horrible news out of Odessa and Midland, Texas is yet again another mass shooting attack that took the lives of innocent Americans. The families of the victims of the attack need thoughts and prayers during this egregious time. In a sensitive time for Texas, presidential candidate and 2018 Texas Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Beto O’Rourke can’t stop swearing about the events in Odessa & Midland, Texas.


“This is f-cked up.” Beto repeated the phrase multiple times on national television and in a tweet Sunday. In another tweet, he denounced thoughts and prayers: “Thoughts and prayers have done nothing to stop the epidemic of gun violence. Yes, this is f-cked up…”


There are many emotions after the horrible events this past weekend, but someone running for president cannot lose his mind. Beto is clearly not emotionally ready to become President. If Iran, China, or Russia does something to the U.S. that he disagrees with, will he start swearing at their country’s leaders?


Beto also should not be able to get away with condemning prayers. It might not be the way he chooses to react to such shocking events, but he shouldn’t denounce those who choose to use prayers to heal. If O’Rourke wants to be the leader of the United States, he has to represent ALL Americans, including those of faith.


To no one’s surprise, Beto’s frequent use of the profane-laden phrase was capitalized by him and his campaign. Less than two days after the mass shooting, his campaign released a new shirt with the phrase, “This is f-cked up” printed on the shirt six times in a row. Beto may be winning twitter by gaining thousands of retweets, but he’s losing points in maturity.


Beto O’Rourke does not have the temperament to be President of the United States. Odessa and Midland, Texas NEEDS thoughts and prayers right now, even if Beto doesn’t think so. Americans United for Values stands with those of faith and all victims of the horrible attack in Texas this past weekend. Sign this petition if you do too!