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            Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders held a Town Hall meeting to discuss climate change around the world.  Bernie was faced with a question on how to control the global population growth rate.  He suggested to make abortions and birth control available to poor countries around the world.  This ridiculous proposal would cost the United States copious amounts of money and resources.


Bernie claimed that by allowing greater access to these types of procedures and medication, that the population growth rate would fall.  Abortion is one of the most highly debated topics in the world of politics.  Over 50% of Americans believe that abortion should be regulated or illegal in all cases.  Globalizing this issue would not only be detrimental to the American political system, but also cost billions in taxpayer dollars for people that do not support abortion.


Sanders then went on to state that women in America have the right to do what they please with their bodies.  This notion is highly contested when focused on abortion practices, but it shows how Bernie is contradicting his own words.  Bernie does not have the authority to propose changes to the cultures of other countries, especially when the views on birth controlling procedures are so conflicted domestically.  Also, Bernie wanted to allow poorer countries to utilize this strategy.  The resources that would need to be dedicated to building the proper medical facilities to perform these procedures and distribute birth control methods would be astronomical.


Bernie Sanders has shown, once again, that he does not have the proper training and knowledge to run the United States.  He does not maintain the traditional values in America and lacks the economical to create policy.  Sign our Petition below to keep Bernie’s crazy proposals out of American Politics.