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Senator Bernie Sanders; Israel

Bernie Sanders recently suggested that “right-wing” extremists in Israel were to blame for Hamas’ attacks.

Senator Bernie Sanders claimed on “Face The Nation” that “over the years the Netanyahu government has become extremely right-wing and that there are people in the Israeli government now who are overt racists.”

Sanders also said that the U.S. has been “simply supplying weapons to kill children in Gaza,” and “Our job is not simply to put more and more military support for Israel.” He claimed that “in West Jerusalem people are being evicted from their homes.”

On May 11, the senator also blamed “right-wing extremists” for Hamas’ attacks on Israel, The Daily Wire reported.

“I am extremely concerned by the growing conflict in Israel and Palestine,” Sanders said in a tweet. “Once again we are seeing how the irresponsible actions of government-allied right-wing extremists in Jerusalem can escalate quickly into devastating war.”

Not surprisingly, Bernie Sanders is among the many far-left politicians who have been critical of Israel, rather than the terrorists who have attacked them. Leftists who are in support of Palestine seem to be missing the point; refusing to put blame on the aggressor of the conflict.

Regardless of their feelings toward Israel, liberals – and all Americans – should be quick to condemn Hamas and their terrorization of the Israeli people.

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