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Thousands of people in trucks and on motorcycles came through Macedon, New York to show support for police. 

The rally consisted of Americans in and around the New York area who stand with police during a time of uncertainty.  They quoted the risks they have taken throughout 2020 to protect their communities and are showing that many Americans still respect law enforcement.  There were countless American flags and other signs that showed patriotism to the highest degree.  


    This event was completely peaceful and it helped to show that there are many Americans that respect the work of police and other servicemen and women.  Rep. John Katko (R-NY) attended the rally to show his support.  “99.9% percent of officers get it right, We got to keep that in mind and honor them, who risk their lives every day to keep us safe. But at the same time, if there are officers that aren’t doing a good job, we got to create standards to make sure they do, do a good job or they can’t be officers anymore,” Katko said.  


    This embodies the support of police officers because it shows that it is important to support those who are doing their job well to protect citizens.  These officers are being attacked by far-left groups, and the vast majority are doing their jobs effectively and responsibly.  


    “Back the Blue” is a movement that fights against the calls to defund police departments around the country.  Groups like Antifa are using violence and other forms of aggressive rioting to destroy American cities. 

Americans United for Values supports the police, donate to pledge your support for those in blue!