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In a recent Fox News interview, Attorney General William Barr called out the Democratic Party for believing in “tearing down the system” and Black Lives Matter for using “fascistic” tactics, among other criticisms.

Barr said that Democrats have withdrawn from classic liberal values and are focused on tearing down national institutions. He claimed that this is now part of their search for “total victory.”

Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors recently told CNN that one of the group’s goals is to simply remove Trump from office.

Barr addressed that comment and BLM’s revolutionary ideals while talking with Fox News’ Mark Levin.

“[Democrats are] interested in complete political victory,” he said, “they’re not interested in compromise, they’re not interested in dialectic exchange of views.”

Many Democrats have criticized Barr for some of his actions while in the Trump administration, and he was recently confronted over the president’s use of federal officers to combat riots and unrest in U.S. cities.

In response to the accusations, Barr maintained that his work has been to “restore the rule of law.” He also said that he has asked Senate Democrats to come forward and say that it is unacceptable for rioters to attack institutional property.

The attorney general went on to discuss the protests and riots that have occurred across the country, saying that if police continue to be demonized by this movement, they’re no longer going to be working in their cities.

The events following George Floyd’s death and calls for abolishing the police have disparaged officers nationwide. Support for law enforcement officials is necessary for an effective police force and without it, the number of officers could diminish in communities across the U.S.

Police and other service members are vital to protecting American citizens and the freedoms and values of the entire nation.

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