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Police tape and police cruiser; Atlanta crime surges

A suburb of Atlanta is looking to become an independent community, citing recent crime surges and the failure of city leadership.

A suburb of Atlanta is seeking to establish its own police force as the city fails to provide effective policing and violent crime surges.

Buckhead, a commercial and residential district of Atlanta, has seen a spike in crime over the past several years and a “complete vacuum of leadership,” according to Buckhead City Committee CEO Bill White.

“[Atlanta police] just want to do their job, and they’re not being allowed to do that,” White told Fox News. He added, “We are living in a war zone.”

White then showed a video where two Atlanta police officers do not react to a nearby drive-by shooting. The incident happened following an order by Mayor Keisha Bottoms that reportedly bars officers from making car chases around the city.

As a result of the recent crime and failed leadership, Buckhead is making a legislative effort to become independent from Atlanta.

“We are going to form our own city. We have two bills in the state legislature, we’ve raised the requisite amount of money we need right now to move this forward, there will be a ballot initiative on the ballot next November, and we are going to take our city back…” White said.

White also added that the plan is to have 300 police officers on the new Buckhead police force. Currently, he claimed, the suburb has only 82 police officers.

If we continue to allow police officers to be demonized and defunded across the country, more communities like Buckhead will begin separating from failing, Democrat-led cities like Atlanta.

Supporting the men and women of our police communities is the only way to make sure that they are able to do their job effectively and keep the public safe.

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