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Police car in front of a school; police officers in schools

AOC spoke to rally participants in NYC calling to remove police officers from schools.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez rallied with students in NYC calling to remove police officers from schools.

Ocasio-Cortez claimed that having police officers in schools is answering “injustices with injustice.”

“You think that being policed your whole life is normal,” she told attendees. “And it’s not…What should be normal is that when you need help and when you’re acting out, and if you’re a kid that needs support, that you get that support.”

Dr. Andrew Costello, a retired NYPD deputy inspector, responded by saying that the proposed “Counseling Not Criminalization in Schools” bill will not do what supporters hope it will.

“I’m sure it will allow for more entry of weapons into the school system,” Costello said. “Also, it doesn’t necessarily remove the school safety officers, if they’re worried about the criminalization of children. Overall, I think it will reduce the safety of some of these schools.”

AOC and other leftists want to get rid of police officers in schools and put our children in danger. In some school districts, police officers may be a necessity, and removing them will only threaten the safety of students.

We should support law enforcement where it is necessary and helpful. The widespread movement to defund and abolish the police only serves to demonize officers and create more unnecessary tension.

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