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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) commented on the nationwide crime surge and claimed it is a result of “hysteria” and stated that the government needs to make “responsible decisions about what funders to allocate away from police departments.” 

Homicide rates have increased by over 30 percent compared to last year, and have increased by more than 24 percent since January of 2021.  Democrats are ignoring these numbers and AOC has called this craziness and not seen the need for strong law enforcement.  They have been extremely anti-police since the beginning of the BLM movement and are not respecting the needs of all Americans.


Over 30 percent of all Americans living in large cities feel unsafe and would like to see more law enforcement as crime continues to rise.  These include Democrat-run cities that have already taken away police resources and have not supported their citizens.  This includes a 533 percent rise in homicides year over year in Democrat led Portland, OR.


Democrats like AOC are anti-police because they believe it will help them in re-election efforts.  AOC’s hysteria claims should be directed at herself if she truly believes that defunding the police will help reduce crime.  Police and other first responders need support now more than ever!


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