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Antifa protestors raising their fists

Video shows Antifa protestors hitting police during a ‘Black Lives Matter’-related protest last weekend.

“Anti-fascist” Antifa protestors clashed with police and threatened to “burn” down Washington D.C. during a “DC Queer and Trans Black History Month March and Rally” this weekend.

Protestors apparently went through central D.C. and presented lectures about “race, Black and Indigenous lives,” to residents dining outdoors at area restaurants.

The protest was largely led by representatives of “Black Lives Matter,” but Fox News reported that “some Antifa protesters mixed in, as a red and black ‘Antifascist Action’ flag could be seen being carried by a group of protesters clad in black.”

One video recorded at the event shows a protestor shining a light in a police officer’s face, then hitting the officer as he retaliated.

Protestors later recited the story of Eric Garner, a New York man who died while in police custody in 2014. The Blaze reported that, during the story, the crowd called police officers “pigs” on multiple occasions.

The far-left has been allowed to get away with violent protests for months, even as Joe Biden assumed the presidency. They are the same party who blamed Trump and the entire political right for the Capitol riots last month. It’s been made clear that some people on the left are not okay with electing a Democratic president – they want total power.

As Americans, it is our duty to reject this kind of violence and respect the men and women of law enforcement who work hard to protect our communities.

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