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The inflation surrounding the Biden economy is not difficult to see in the price of groceries, gas, and housing; Moody Analytics determined that average Americans are being forced to spend $175.00 more per month on these essential items.

This study was conducted using the U.S. median annual income of $70,000 to obtain a baseline for all citizens.  Chief economist at Moody’s Analytics Mark Zandi compared the rise in prices to adding an additional grocery, electric or cell phone bill.  These prices have not shown any indication that they will fall or even level out throughout the coming months as many economists expect a continued rise.  


President Joe Biden has been useless in helping to stop rapid inflation in the economy.  A wide portion of the  economic struggles have come on the backs of supply chain issues which have been created by a lack of cooperation with other countries and liberal policies.  Americans are literally paying the price for the incompetence in the White House.  


Unemployment benefits across the country are at an all time high both at state and federal levels.  This has allowed jobless Americans living in liberal-led areas to collect thousands from unemployment checks and remain jobless.  The lack of workforce participation creates an even harsher effect on the supply chain around the country.  

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