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The liberals already expanded secularism into all public spaces —  taking God out of  schools, stores, places of employment, and everything in between. Now the liberals want to take over spaces specifically intended for prayer? More than 200 years of traditional prayer, held before a legislative session in our nation’s state capitals and U.S. Capitol is the newest victim of attack from the left.


A group of atheists sued the Speaker of the Pennsylvania House, Mike Turzai, after he denied their request to deliver non-religious “invocations” during the traditional prayer time, as well as to serve as “chaplains” to spread their non-religious views. This group, according to case background by Becket Law, is known to publicly mock prayer and religion.


Thankfully, we have judges of good conscious and a President who appoints qualified constitutionalists to the Courts. This case was stopped dead in its tracks when the Third U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which covers New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, ruled in victory for believers: “We hold that legislative prayer is government speech not open to attack via those channels.”


Dr. Robert Jeffress, a Southern Baptist pastor in Texas responded to the decision on Fox News, telling Lou Dobbs, “Lou, that’s why this next Election is so important, the soul of America. They want to take religion out of American lives. Thank God for judges like this (Judge Thomas Ambro, Majority Opinion), and thank God for a President like Donald J. Trump, who will appoint judges like this. He will soon have appointed 180 new Federal Judges, not even including two great new Supreme Court Justices.”


The centuries old tradition of legislative prayer does not mean atheists are to be given time to interrupt the session with their anti-Christianity propaganda. Instead, legislative prayer is championed in our Constitution and is not up for debate. The court’s decision emphasized that Congress approved the draft of the First Amendment in the same week it established paid congressional chaplains to provide the very opening prayers now under attack from the left. President Washington even proclaimed ‘a day of public thanksgiving and prayer.’ Legislative prayer is deeply rooted in our Constitutional system and in our foundation as a country. The liberals will continue their attempts at burying it, but we need patriots like you to stand strong against their will to eliminate Christianty from everything — including prayer sessions!



This isn’t the only case where liberals have tried to attack legislative prayer. The Fourth Circuit (South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland) and Sixth Circuit (Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Tennessee) have received similar cases, proving —  the liberals aren’t backing down until prayer is eliminated from America.


These cases tell us one thing for sure — The ‘Soul of America’ is up for grabs in 2020. Which side are you on? Donate today to help us protect our bedrock American values from being overrun by the Democratic establishment. The liberals are on a mission to eliminate Christianity from America, we need patriots like you to join us!