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Transgender flags; sex birth certificates

The AMA wanted to remove biological sex from birth certificates in the name of gender equality and progressivism.

The American Medical Association faced backlash last weekend after calling for sex to be removed as a legal definition on the public section of birth certificates.

A tweet by WedMD revealed the call by the AMA. And a report by WebMD claimed: “Requiring [sex designation] can lead to discrimination and unnecessary burden on individuals whose current gender identity does not align with their designation at birth, namely when they register for school or sports, adopt, get married or request personal records.”

The report added: “A person’s sex designation at birth would still be submitted to the U.S. Standard Certificate of Live Birth for medical, public health and statistical use only, report authors note.”

Unfortunately, it seems that the AMA is willing to ignore the undeniable existence of biological sex in favor of extreme progressivism. It’s apparent that no organization is safe from the danger of woke liberal ideology.

We must stand up to the ridiculousness of this radical leftist ideology. If we let it continue tearing down every facet of American life, eventually there will be nothing left.

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