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Almost two months ago, Americans United for Values announced our support for the North Carolina pastor detained in Turkey for his missionary work to spread Christian faith. This outrageous religious freedom violation became a highly charged and internationally watched conflict.
After the United States enforced sanctions against Turkey, discussed the issue at the State Department’s Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom, and drew international attention to this issue with leaders from all around the world, Turkey finally caved to pressure from President Trump and the Administration to release Pastor Brunson.
Jerry Falwell Jr., President of Liberty University, where Pastor Brunson’s daughter is a student, said in a Fox News Opinion this weekend:
‘President Trump could have easily sacrificed Brunson to maintain good relations with Turkey, a NATO ally. That nation’s strategic location makes it crucial to containing Russian ambitions in the Middle East.
Previous American presidents, pursuing the globalist agenda, would have quickly caved to Turkey, given the geopolitical realities of the situation. President Trump didn’t. I know this president’s heart – and I know he would never do such an expedient thing. Instead, he did the right thing.’
Pastor Brunson’s release celebrates more than an American President standing for our own around the world, though exceptional. It speaks to America responding to our broader call of protecting people of all faiths and that ensuring religious freedom is something each person around the world can freely enjoy. We believe basic human rights and freedoms extend to people of all nations and faiths without interference from government leaders.
Americans United for Values is thrilled to celebrate Pastor Brunson’s courage in spreading the word of God, his commitment to Christian faith, and his fortitude shown throughout the past two years. America will always fight for religious freedom and refuses to tolerate countries who choose to violate this God-given right. Welcome home Pastor Brunson!

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