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In a secretive move, Amazon has decided to pull conservative books that they decide ‘promote hatred.’

Amazon apparently updated its policies – and did so quietly – to ban books that contain so-called “hate speech.”

Conservative author Ryan Anderson exposed the new rule after Amazon had ended its sales of his book on transgenderism (“When Harry Became Sally”) and also stopped third parties from selling the book.

“Drawing on the best insights from biology, psychology, and philosophy, Ryan Anderson offers a nuanced view of human embodiment, a balanced approach to public policy on gender identity, and a sober assessment of the human costs of getting human nature wrong,” the book’s overview reads.

Amazon’s new policy claims “We don’t sell certain content including content that we determine is hate speech.” The company has previously placed bans on products, other than books, that “promote hatred.” Despite that, the Free Beacon reported that Amazon’s “Seller Central” page currently exempts books from these types of bans.

The decision made by Amazon is just the latest example of the liberals’ anti-free speech trend. If Amazon determines what constitutes “hate speech,” then they will be allowed to silence anyone who speaks critically about the progressive movement.

The First Amendment gives us all freedom of expression, whether our ideas are liberal or conservative. Sadly, it appears that the new “woke culture” has forgotten this.

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