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These officers are leaving the force claiming post traumatic stress as a result of the rioting culture around the city. These officers included 20 percent of the force, and the crime rate in the city continues to rise in the wake of the George Floyd protests. Additionally, the officers claimed they lost the support of the city, and it is nearly impossible to do their job.

            This trend is expected to continue across the country and limit the number of people that attempt to enter the force.  A shortage of police officers could lead to increased violence nationwide.  The liberal media has made police the enemy to the public and will continue to fight against good policemen and women. 


            Anti-police efforts have continued to spark across the country.  Many members of public offices are working to defund police departments in many major cities.  Many of these cities are led by liberal mayors and have shown higher rates of violent crimes and more widespread drug use. 


            Liberal media outlets try to show that Americans do not have respect for the police departments and support defunding efforts.  Polling shows that only 2 in 10 Americans actually believe in defunding efforts and that the vast majority of citizens support police officers.  There is a widespread respect for law enforcement, but the culture in major cities is making it impossible for police to effectively do their jobs. 


            Support for police and other servicemen and women is essential to the continued prosperity of the United States.  They help protect the values and morals that have built the country into a great nation. 

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