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A Virginia school group is vowing to “silence the opposition” against teachers who speak against critical race theory-inspired equity training.

An advisory board connected to Virginia’s Loudoun County Public School district demanded teachers be dismissed if they criticize the district’s equity training, which was inspired by critical race theory.

The head of LCPS’ Minority Student Achievement Advisory Council – Kiara Jennings – apparently emailed the district’s Superintendent, School Board Chair, Equity Committee and the NAACP to ask that teachers be barred from speaking out against diversity training. The “speaking out” even included comments made in private feedback surveys.

“If our teachers and staff cannot be open and willing to learn how to be culturally competent then they do not need to be in the classrooms any longer as they will only hinder the process and most importantly cause irreparable harm to the vulnerable hearts and minds of our students,” Jennings claimed.

The MSAAC group also gained media attention after vowing to “silence the opposition.”

“There is strength in numbers and we believe wholeheartedly, that united, we can and will silence the opposition,” the group posted on Facebook and Twitter.

As many experts and conservative leaders have pointed out, critical race theory is in fact not “inclusive,” but rather divisive and anti-American.

Teachers – and others – who criticize critical race theory are exercising their free speech. Trying to silence free speech is tyrannical and fascistic, and progressives who do exactly that are trampling upon the First Amendment rights of all Americans.

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