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            Michelle Williams won a Golden Globe and used her speech to explain how abortion was the key to her success.  She revealed that she had an abortion and that act gave her the freedom to succeed in Hollywood.  She emphasized how the effects that happen to a woman’s body can be negative and completely ignored the cruel nature of baby-killing. 


            Williams did not mention the loss of life that occurred through her abortion.  The unborn child did not have the chance to grow into a successful actress because they were not given the chance.  Williams explained that the abortion was for her “own self-interest” and it allowed her to thrive.  Abortion is not only selfish, but it is unnatural and should be considered criminal.  This speech gives more momentum to baby killers across the country, and the stigma surrounding pro-lifers is endangering American values. 


            Hollywood poured their support out for Williams after her speech.  Actors and actresses emphasized the importance of a woman’s right to choose and completely ignored the massive group of Americans that look to preserve life.  Hollywood has made it impossible to stand up for conservative values without becoming a villain. 


            It is time to stop the culture of abortion that exists across the United States.  The American people are strong enough to overturn Roe V. Wade.  It is so important to eliminate the culture of aggressive liberalization that exists across the country.  


            Americans United for Values will always stand up for the lives of Americans that cannot stand up for themselves.  The strength that surrounds the American people stems from the core values that inhabit the nation.  Show you support pro-life policy by donating to Americans United for Values today!