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The state of California is having a particularly tough time figuring out their homelessness crisis. Nearly 25% of all homeless Americans live in California. Recently, an activist group called Citizens Again is crowdfunding a massive $3 plan to solve the California homeless issue, which is outlined by free rent, dormitories, communal TVs, and underground tunnels.


The motivation behind the plan is that the state government is taking too long to address the homeless crisis in California (very true), so a new radical idea must be implemented. Except the plan put forward by Citizens Again comes with a hefty multi-billion dollar price tag.


The plan is to essentially build a city in California for its entire homeless population. This means free regular meals, free rent, free transportation, free healthcare, and free arcades. Of course, none of it would be actually be free; it would mean taxpayers would be footing the bill.


Those living in the homeless city would have to meet certain criteria which has yet to be described. There would also be underground tunnels in and out of the city so the outside public is not disrupted by those living in the homeless city.


In San Francisco, a California city particularly suffering from homelessness, locals and businesses have gone to peculiar measures to combat homeless from disrupting daily life. Boulders have been placed on some sidewalks, and plywood is put in front of alleyways to prevent any loitering.


Democrats should be ashamed of themselves for creating the homelessness issue in California. Their high taxes and corrupt politicians have made life a living hell for those who can’t afford to live under such heavy expenses.


And yet, even activist groups like Citizen Again are not coming up with any better ideas. Liberals believe throwing money at any problem will fix it. The answer to homelessness? More taxes, of course!


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