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A historic win for life! The Trump Administration’s Protect Life Rule has finally put a stop to federal funding for the abortion-on-demand provider, Planned Parenthood.


Rather than simply STOPPING their abortion referrals during healthcare appointments and continuing on in their so-called mission of “educating” and providing “family planning services,” Planned Parenthood is walking away from all federal money.


Trump Administration Justice Department lawyer, Jaynie Lilley, weighed in saying,  “The rule merely requires grantees to refrain from providing referrals for abortions. If Planned Parenthood […] insists on providing abortion referrals, even within a federally funded program, and feel so strongly that they would withdraw from the program and the public they serve, that is their own choice, not a consequence of the rule.”


Apparently women’s health isn’t THAT important to the company if Planned Parenthood is willing to forego funding for all the other “services” they apparently claim to provide, rather than comply with the abortion rule.


Why is Planned Parenthood fighting the new rule so hard? Because Planned Parenthood was never actually about providing other services for women. Instead, they almost exclusively perform abortions and make over $200 million a year. The abortion giant provides “healthcare” at a for-profit cost to the government and women, disguising their initatives as providing  “women’s services and family planning” to lock down tax payer funding. But abortion is NOT family planning.


Make no mistake, Planned Parenthood’s motives to withdraw from Title X grants aren’t because they care about women’s health at all. This has always been, and continues to be, about nothing but money.


The American people have had enough with Planned Parenthood’s lies — the company has been getting away with funding abortions using taxpayer dollars due to a loophole in the Title X legislation for years! When Planned Parenthood realized the Trump Administration’s Protect Life Rule would close their loophole, they whined. And when they realized they’d have to comply with stricter standards regarding what their funds are allowed to be used for, they walked away. Planned Parenthood knew they had no chance against the American people — we’re sick of supporting the abortion business with our paychecks!

This walk-away proves that Planned Parenthood has never been about women — instead, Planned Parenthood has always been about money and offering abortion-on-demand.


Americans United for Values is thrilled with Planned Parenthood’s walk away — no more taxpayer dollars for abortions!

We’ll always stand strong for life. We’re slowing chipping away at the abortion-on-demand culture in America, and today we celebrate a win that will save lives.

But there’s more work to be done — donate to Americans United for Values to help us continue fighting to end abortion in America!