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More and more counties around the country have decided to take a stand against liberal gun control policies that seek to strip patriots of their second amendment rights. Gun rights activists in Virginia have had to carry the torch as their Democratic Governor has taken a chainsaw to the second amendment.


Now, gun owners in North Carolina have decided to organize and declare their counties “Second Amendment Sanctuaries.


Six counties in North Carolina have now declared themselves second amendment sanctuary counties. The distinction, which is voted on by local governments, declares that the county and its leaders will not comply with gun control measures that intrude on the second amendment.


The growing list of counties in North Carolina adds to the over 100 local governments in Virginia, as well as numerous other counties nationwide that are declaring themselves void of unconstitutional gun control measures. They are a strong rebuke to the strict gun control measures being proposed by gun-grabbing Democrats nationwide.


North Carolina is under particular threat, due to the party affiliation of its Governor. Democrat Roy Cooper has been no ally to the second amendment, and gun rights activists in the state are taking matters into their own hands by mobilizing against gun control measures.


Left-wing politicians believe they can just take away the second amendment without Americans fighting back. There is a strong and energized portion of Americans who are not just gun owners, but who belong to organizations like the NRA and have grown up with the gun rights that were given to them through the Constitution.

Democrats are going to continue to push the envelope and see how far they can push Americans into restrictive gun control measures. If you stand with the gun rights patriots of North Carolina and vow to never give up your second amendment rights, sign our Americans United for Values petition today!