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Despite the bleak picture that the Fake News media and the Democrats attempt to show to America, the country is thriving under President Trump’s leadership. 2019 was no exception. Americans United for Values gathered a list of the best accomplishments this year under Trump.


In 2019, President Trump continued to appoint conservative justices at a record pace. Despite being in office at this point for five less years than President Obama, President Trump has appointed just five fewer circuit court judges than Obama did his entire eight years. Three circuit courts have been flipped from liberal to conservative.


In February, President Trump declared a national emergency at the Southern border to address the illegal immigration crisis. Due to President Trump’s bold move, construction of a physical barrier at the border was significantly sped up.


In December, President Trump repealed and replaced NAFTA with the USCMA, a new trade deal that puts America first. NAFTA was responsible for the loss of thousands of jobs since it was first enacted in the 1990’s, and Trump pledged to replace it with a much better trade deal.


In 2019, the economy continued to grow under the Trump administration. Unemployment rates hit lows that haven’t been seen in decades, and minority unemployment rates hit all-time lows.


ICE is finally able to do their job again under President Trump. Successful raids in Mississippi, North Carolina, and other states led to the deportations of thousands of illegal immigrants who held criminal convictions.


In 2019, Planned Parenthood suffered some of its biggest financial losses seen in decades. Due in part to the Protect Life Rule, which cracks down on facilities referring patients to abortions, Planned Parenthood lost more than $60 million in federal funding in 2019.


2020 will bring even more opportunities to Make America Great Again. If you are proud of our President and ready to stand with him in the new year, sign our petition today!