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Over 7000 Central American migrants have moved into Mexico and are closing in on the Southern Border of the United States. Some 2000 migrants are moving in a caravan through the Southern Mexican State of Chiapas.  This has forced officials to declare a state of emergency as the caravan is being called a threat to the men and women that have permanent residence in this Mexican state.


Men and Women are being forced to retreat into their homes and into hiding in order to escape the danger that surrounds a 2000-person caravan.  Just this week, the caravan pushed past Mexican Police and away from the housing that was set up for migrants into the Chiapas state.


This caravan is a threat to the national security of Mexico and this danger will persist if these people manage to make their way to the United States.  The trouble is in the group banning together to force past police and this trend could lead to a battle against border patrol.


Groups like these strengthen the need for a stronger boarder in the United States.  President Trump emphasized the dire stress of the situation and has referred to the large numbers of migrants as an emergency.  President Trump stands for American values and the Wall is needed now more than ever.  Foreign invaders into America will lead to dangerous encounters for our citizens.


American culture is built on fair and legal immigration. Caravans of Central Americans that are ignoring the processes that are required to legally enter our country are a threat to the American way of life.  The threat that these caravans pose to Mexican cities incites fear into our Southern border states.  We must worry about the treat of outsiders coming to the United States illegally and forcing conflict in our great nation.


We must stand with American values and push for a border wall.  This will help protect our society and all of the great men and women that belong in it. Americans have to protect their families and communities, and fighting for border security is a vital step in this mission.


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