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Democratic candidate for President “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg has strayed far from his moderate political stance that he attempted to portray himself as when he announced his candidacy. In his recent comments made Thursday on abortion, Buttigieg claimed that it is “unknowable” when life begins.


Mayor Pete said that there wasn’t enough scientific consensus on when life begins, so the issue of abortion is a moral one. Buttigieg then went on to claim that the legal limits of abortion shouldn’t be decided by politicians but by the women who are pregnant, who have to make the decision to keep their baby or choose abortion. Buttigieg seemingly endorsed the idea that government shouldn’t have any say or role in laws regarding abortions.


Let it not be mistaken: Pete Buttigieg is just another left wing Democrat. For someone who touts themself as a person of strong Christian faith, Mayor Pete is an utter hypocrite to be an advocate for such pro-abortion policies. By using his “smart guy” card, Buttigieg promotes extremely liberal policies under the guise of a moderate tone, similar to what was seen from former President Barack Obama.


Mayor Pete is right about one thing: abortion is a moral issue…a moral issue that draws a clear line on which side is advocating for life, and which side turns a blind eye to babies in the womb getting put to death. Buttigieg and the Democrats are standing on the immoral side of the issue.


Arguably the worst part of Pete Buttigieg comments was when he claimed that there wasn’t enough consensus around when life begins, hence making it “unknowable.” Life begins at conception, this is a known fact. The fetus inside of the womb during pregnancy is an actual human being. Many on the left acknowledge this, but still push for abortion policies. Buttigieg claims to act out on ignorance, in order to paint himself in a less radical light on the issue.


Americans United for Values has an unforgiving and steady position: We are Pro-life. You’d think with his “Harvard” education Pete Buttigieg would’ve done the research to find out when life begins. We challenge Mayor Pete to do his research and at least have his own stance before he continues to advocate for such extreme anti-life policies.


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