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A disturbing video released on twitter Tuesday shows Pennsylvania State Representative Brian Sims harassing five people outside of a Planned Parenthood facility, including three young women, in southeastern Pennsylvania.


Sims posted the video to twitter, to which he later took down, and told his followers he would give $100 to anyone able to identify the three young women in the video who were outside the facility. The young women were peacefully praying outside the clinic for the unborn, not yelling or causing any trouble. Sims then called them fake Christians.


After chasing off the women, Sims then turned to the sole man standing by himself, demanding his name and address. After Sims asked the man why he was standing outside the facility, he then interrupted him saying he doesn’t care and “shame on you.”


What makes Brian Sims, an elected official in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, think he can act like this and harass women? Sims goes beyond just disagreeing, but attempting to blackmail the pro-life supporters through demanding of their information.


The Democratic leader of Pennsylvania House of Representatives, Frank Dermody, stayed silent Tuesday and made no remark to condemn Brian Sims’ hateful video. Sims later released a video on twitter after the firestorm of controversy in which he gave a pseudo apology and promised to fiercely fight for the right to kill the unborn.


If you agree that Brian Sims should be removed from office and resign immediately, sign our petition today! Shame on YOU, Brian Sims.