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As of May 2, 2019, the Senate has approved 100 of President Trump’s judicial nominees! This is a celebration of progress for Constitutional patriots across the nation – and a huge win over the liberal, progressive agenda.

Senator Lindsey Graham, current chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, commented that the confirmations were a “great milestone for the Trump Administration.”

The 100thjudge selected was Rodolfo Ruiz, a district judge who will sit on the court in the Southern District of Florida.  These 100 men and women include the honorable Supreme Court justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh – two influential conservatives who are making waves on the United States Supreme Court.

Voters indicated that the threat of progressive nominees who would legislate from the bench were within the top reasons of voting for President Trump over Hillary Clinton, according to several election exit polls. The people of this great nation cannot afford to see progressive judges on the courts with so much at risk. Just recently, a California judge sided with Mexico and illegal immigrants over law-abiding American citizens. We can’t stand by while liberal justices continue to undermine the values of our Constitution.

It’s too important to ignore — the liberals are trying to take over the judicial branch and threaten our Constitutional rights. We believe in the freedom of speech, religious freedom, pro-life values, the Second Amendment, and other instilled Constitutional rights that the liberals want to take away from us every day. That’s why Americans United for Values supports the conservative justices President Trump appointed and the Senate Republicans confirmed. But we’re not done yet — we’re excited to continue ensuring a strong group of justices under President Trump puts our nation back on track.

Americans United for Values is proud of the judicial progress made under President Trump and we are thrilled to congratulate the Administration on their 100thconfirmation.


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