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We believe in an America where Washington listens to the people – one where religious freedom is central
to policy decisions, and one that respects the rights of the individual. AUV supports a strong military and
fights for those who have served in uniform. Join our cause and help support American values.


Vermont Considering Legalizing Prostitution  

The left is constantly trying to destroy the American culture and the values that unite us. Whether it’s making gender subjective or disregarding the importance of faith, there seems to be no end in sight to appease them. Liberals in Vermont are now setting their...

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Actress Michelle Williams Applauded for Pro-Abortion Speech  

            Michelle Williams won a Golden Globe and used her speech to explain how abortion was the key to her success.  She revealed that she had an abortion and that act gave her the freedom to succeed in Hollywood.  She emphasized how the effects that happen to a...

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